Jonquil was conceptualised by Sasha Zaman to change the idea of luxury homewares and bedding through stylish and timeless designs. Starting Jonquil became a way of giving back sustainably beyond just one-off donations and ensure continuous support for the livelihoods of many people in India.Through our thoughtfully constructed designs, we’ve created a product that not only has the highest thread count in organic cotton; we uphold high standards in sustainability and Fairtrade as well. We go beyond just making empty statements about transparency- and provide you with the opportunity to be involved in the organisations and farms that we work with and believe in. Our products have made an impact in a number of communities in India, allowing for clean and healthy practices for both their people and the environment. From the choice of material to the stitching and pleating details, Jonquil is dedicated to providing the finest sheets to ensure that you’ll sleep in luxury.


Jonquil is based on the pillars that luxury doesn’t need to be at the cost of the environment, people and quality. We are creating a brand and product that connects timeless design with the qualities of organic and sustainable living. We’re not just a brand that believes in sustainable living; we believe that the luxury industry doesn’t have to be built on exploiting people in other countries for their work. We support local Indian communities and make a real impact in the lives of families. Through working with organic fair trade companies, Jonquil is able to contribute to providing jobs and funding to support education, health and improve the lives of the people living in the region.

Our Design and Details

“We have a deeper connection with our products


Jonquil prides itself on stripping it back to the authentic old world artisan touch in making beautiful textiles. Unfortunately, technology has made way for the faster production of goods that lose its authenticity in the process. Hand touched, design and details, are the two things that are paramount for Sasha when creating collections for Jonquil. Using her surroundings and experiences as a catalyst to create, her works have resulted in simple yet intricate bedding. Every stitch and pleat has been carefully thought through to provide the best comfort and look for your room.  All of our pieces are hand-stitched by local Indian artisans and worked on right down to the pleating, stitching and the way the material flows.  Sasha has taken design and detail to a whole new level. Born from a lifetime passion in luxury bedding, all pieces have been specially created for the fussiest sleeper. With extra deep (50cm) fitted sheets the most padded mattresses will be comfortably covered in all our pure organic cotton pieces.  Our pillowcases come with a tidy extra deep back envelope to ensure the most niggly of pillows don’t pop out!     

Heirloom quality

Since it’s inception, Jonquil has directly sourced the world’s finest organic cotton.  to create timeless pieces that can integrate into your bedroom at any point in your life. It’s Jonquils promise that all of our pieces will last you a lifetime if treated respectfully.  Each and every detail is intentional, and often can’t be seen with a naked eye.  The warp and weft have especially been designed to ensure breathability, strength and natural shine.  The tension in the thread and diameter of the yarn is also tested to ensure it can withstand commercial grade washing, being colour fastened at 60 degrees Celsius.


Highest certified organic cotton

Jonquil has an uncompromising commitment to minimally processed fibres, which adhere to strict manufacturing processes certified by the governing body “Global Organics Textile Standards” (GOTS).  Jonquil continually researches and strives to improve its cotton fibre processing, ensuring each and every step meets our standards, to bring you the purest cotton pieces.  Jonquil’s dedication to the finer details in fabric can only be matched with chemical free, silky smooth organic cotton. At 400-thread count, we’ve proved that being organic doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on comfort and luxury.  

Fairtrade Certified

The industry is littered with instances of exploitation, poor working conditions and forced labour. We work closely with local communities through Chetna Organics to impact the lives of 30 000 small farm households. The partnerships and targeted programs allow for an increase in Fairtrade and organic farming by providing farmers with the guidance to transition their land to organic crops. The lands of these families are incredibly precious and supporting these communities will allow for a more sustainable way of growing crops. Jonquil ensures that all of their pieces that bear their label is grown, produced and processed to the strictest environmental standards in safe and humane conditions.  Being FairtradeTM certified, Jonquil takes every step seriously, from seed to production we are regulated and audited under strict guidelines ensuring we, you and our employees are all treated equally and fairly.  This is more than just a corporate responsibility- it a social responsibility we should all be striving for.