Hello everyone!  Welcome back to another chapter in our Jonquil diary.  Through this journey, we’ve found a lot of people asking, why organic? It’s a great question!  So, we can give you a simple answer and explain that all of our products are completely untouched by chemicals.  Well that’s great, but you haven’t really learned anything?  We want to go in depth, Jonquil is here to be transparent.

It’s not just that there are no chemicals involved, its more than that.  There is a science behind it.  Imagine every single time we have a cold,  we take antibiotics. The antibiotics fight the bacteria for us, but it also weakens our body, because it can attack the good bacteria we need.  Furthermore,  our immune system hasn’t learned to deal with changes in the environment and we haven’t formed antibodies to fight the diseases.  The antibiotics may kill the bacteria but we’ve gotten weaker.   It works exactly the same way for plants.  Every time crops are sprayed with a fungicide, it’s suppressing the plant as well as the fungi.  Another example is spraying mites with miticide.  It may kill some of them, by messing with their hormones; however the ones that do still survive mature 50% faster.  The plant is healthy because you’ve saved it from the mites, but it hasn’t learnt to fight the mites off themselves, furthermore when there is a mite outbreak, the plants will not be able to cope.  Instead, what organic farmers strive to do, is figure out what the plants need to fight off such diseases and predators.  Rather than growing crops that are healthy with fungicide and pesticides, you’re better growing crops that are healthy themselves with nutritious soil.  A plant’s immunity is based almost entirely on the soil in which it is planted. When it is rooted in nutrient dense soil comprised of lots of organic matter, the plant’s immunity thrives.  Organic farming means the soil will only ever receive organic fertilisers such as vermi-compost, mushroom waste, neem cake , bio-fertilisers such as rhizobium, azotobacter, and asospirillium.  Restoring the soils nutrients , the plants are better able to resist disease as well as drought conditions.  So, less water use, and safer environments and water supplies due to run off.

So this is why!  This is why organic farming is important.  It’s not just for our own health but also, the environment and all the little critters who live in it too.   Please consider organic product next time you shop.  Whether it be organic cotton sheets for your beauty sleep , veggies for your soup or fruit for your pavlova, you’re making an impact on our earth and your body.


“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make”  Dr Jane Goodall.

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