Sleeping with Jonquil: Our chat with Eve Gunson from Dot+Pop

Eve Gunson is shaking up the internet sphere with beautiful designs and stylish curations of all things interiors. A celebrity hair and makeup stylist by day, Gunson runs the ever increasingly popular Dot+Pop blog and Instagram account. Needless to say, her home is an impeccably stunning tribute to her contemporary Australian style and was also featured in Adore Magazine.

We get the honour to chat with her as she shares her design style, styling tips and her thoughts on Jonquil.

When you start designing your bedroom or your client’s bedrooms, what do you start with?

I will usually start with the bed, the hero piece. From there it’s about creating the feel of the room, so choosing a colour scheme, tones, pieces such as the bed linen, art, soft furnishings and furniture pieces.


What is the first thing that you look out for when you’re picking your bedding? 

More often than not I think about the colour first. I want the bed linen to compliment the other features in the room, make a bold statement but not over power. Every aspect in the room needs to work harmoniously together.

What’s the concept behind the way you’ve decided to style Jonquil’s bedding in your photoshoot?

Relaxed luxury. My style is contemporary Australian – a modern refined look that is tactile, textured and relaxing. I used the deep navy hue of the quilt cover, with the beautiful pleat detail and then added a natural tone with timber side tables, added some extra luxury with brass detailing and then softness by layering the bed with throws and a sheepskin.


Plissé quilt set in Navy

How would you describe your experience when receiving your Jonquil gift box?

Incredible – it was one of the nicest and most sophisticated packages I have ever received. Every detail seemed to be meticulously thought out to ensure it was an amazing unpackaging experience.

How would you describe your experience with Jonquil’s sheets?

They are divine – superb quality, super soft, luxurious and knowing they are organic and Fairtrade makes it even better.

What did you like most about Jonquils bedding?

The quality and the detail. You can feel the supreme quality of the organic cotton at first touch and sleeping in them was heavenly.

How would describe your sleep experience with Jonquil in one word?


What are some tips you can leave our customers on styling their bedrooms?

Your colour palette is number 1 – think about colours that you love and that give you a sense of calmness.

Layer your bedding to create a dreamy and luxurious bed. Add texture with different materials for added wow.

Bring in the greenery – whether it’s flowers on your bedside or a pot plant in the
corner, green is a must.

Lighting is so important, you want to create a moody haven – so not just 1
downlight please! Think about bedside lamps, pendants and dimmers on those

You can purchase the Plissé Navy set featured in this post here. Begin your stylish and luxurious experience with Jonquil.

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