There’s just something so pure and beautiful about thoughtfully crafted garments – the simplicity in the design, quality and colours. These styles and patterns never go out of fashion and can fit into your wardrobe in any season.

Here are some of the fashion brands that we love that are using organic and ethically sourced textiles as their creative expression.  


Whoever said that pajamas had to be boring? Launched in 2011, ALAS has been bringing style and comfort to your bed. Geometric and colourful patterns adorn their pajamas. You could even wear some of their pieces out and no one would know that you’re wearing your jammies. Brilliant plan!


 Image supplied by ALAS. 


From a New Zealand based ethical brand to a global name, Gosia Piatek’s clothing brand has been changing the perception of ethical and sustainable, through fashion. Stripping away the elaborate, these garments pay  closer attention to the flow of material and quality, creating pieces that transcend seasonal trends. The collections feature a loose yet structured fit in monochromatic colours and seasonal pop colours that accentuate the beauty of the material. We love how each piece of fabric is created to the brand’s specifications, which explains the “soft to touch” feel that is said to last a long time if given the proper care. Definitely one to keep in your wardrobe.


Image taken from KowTow


Lycra made from recycled plastic bags and zips made of used plastic bottles? KitX is for the creative, confident and fashion forward individual. As an established designer in Australia, Kit Willow takes on the fashion world with her eye for detail in women’s clothing and her unconventional use of recycled material. This distinct style has been breaking the idea of sustainable fashion around the globe with top influential stars like Emma Watson choosing to rock an edgy KitX piece for the MTV Movie & TV awards. You’ll also be able to find intriguing accessories made of used materials like bullet casings from Cambodia.  


Image taken from KitX


Working with pleats and little details in the sleeves, the independent brand carries a feminine, fun and youthful look. In its online store, you’ll find a good mix of oversized fits and structured pieces to compliment your existing outfits. The sort of look you’ll love when you’re just spending a sunny day roaming the city streets in comfort and style. Hunter’s uniqueness is also carried through to the way they run their business. Each piece of garment is made to order and reduces the amount of waste.


Image taken from Hunter.


Jonquil’s line of bedding will be launching in the coming weeks. To find out more about our beliefs and our founder, check out the link here.



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