Sasha Zaman is our founder and the designer behind Jonquil’s collection of bedding. We get a glimpse into her life and her ethos to design and the environment in the second part of the series.


Jonquil: Why did you choose to work with organic cotton instead of other materials to design your bedding? 

Sasha: This was easy for us.  We couldn't be part of a problem. We needed to know that our products weren't going to harm anyone or anything. Going organic, meant that we can provide a raw, untouched, rich textile product that has a story and depth – a product that has supported a family, a wife, a village of people and their environment.  We try to live our lives as sustainably as we can. We questioned why or how on earth could we provide a product that we didn't truly believe in?  I put my heart and soul into the unique designs of Jonquil collections. This can't be tainted with the use of harmful pesticides, artificial fertilisers and chemicals. That's not real, that's not authentic. 


Jonquil: How do you think that Jonquil’s bedding designs can help to shape the luxury industry here?

Sasha: We're becoming a fast paced society. I'm guilty of it too.  And we don't ever just stop or slow down to appreciate the small things in life.  Jonquil designs make you want to slow down and appreciate the detail. Not just visually but also by touch.  We've chosen to have all our collections made with the highest quality cotton you can get in organic cotton. The slight sheen to it, the thickness of the cotton sheet and the sheer weight of each piece makes it so luxurious to sleep in. When we choose to buy luxurious pieces in our home, it's got to be special. It's got to have a story and depth to it. This was really important to me and I can't wait for everyone to experience it.    

Jonquil: How have your personal values shaped the way you run Jonquil?

Sasha: That's a tough question! I'm still learning and shaping my values. We're not perfect, nowhere near!  But I try to educate myself as much as I can to ensure I've made the most educated, well-rounded decision in everything I do.  At Jonquil, it's a learning process. We research, we make mistakes and make more mistakes. It's not about being perfect or fake. We are authentic, unique and take pride in every step of all our processes.  


Jonquil: What does living sustainably mean to you? 

Sasha: Living sustainably to me just means trying to do the best you can with what you have.  Don't go out buying things unnecessarily. If you don't need it, don't get it. And if there is something you need, research where it was made, how, what's in it and question again if it's really needed.  At Jonquil, we make products of heirloom quality. It's our promise that all of our pieces can last you a lifetime if treated right.  It's all about the quality of our products. They are timeless. We aren't modern and we don't make products for the “now”. We make pieces that can integrate into any time of your life and still look and feel great for years to come. 


Jonquil: What does remaining transparent mean to you and Jonquil?

Sasha: Why hide where or how something was made? Jonquil prides itself on using authentic old-fashioned ways of making textiles. We still have someone behind the sewing machines; we have farmers on the ground growing their cotton, the right way. We have real people crafting our crochet borders, it's all real. Why hide that? We're proud of it!  All of our artisans love what they do. They're skilled in an art that is slowly dying to high throughput manufacturing. We can't and shouldn't let that happen. People's lives depend on companies like us. We should support them.  


Jonquil: What is something that you look forward to?  

Sasha: I can't wait for everyone to experience Jonquil’s first range in 2017. This whole process has been and continues to be a learning experience, and has been tough. There are so many little things you don't realise takes so much time and effort. But when you see the final product, feel it and smell it, it’s just amazing.    

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  • Sasha

    Hi Louise, the cotton is truly something to experience. Can’t wait for everyone to enjoy it. Will keep you posted for our launch!

  • Louise Bowden

    Gorgeous product. Sooo eco friendly

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