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Throughout this entire process, we have been stringent with the quality of our products. We’ve been washing, tumbling, ironing and pulling our beloved sheets, to see just how tough nature can really be.

What us Australians are spoilt for is clean water, washing machines and best of all we have some amazing cleaning products that not just smell amazing, but designed to have very little to no impact on our waterways.

So today, I wanted to share with you some things we’ve learnt along the way…

Tip 1.  Regular washing and if you have a few sets, rotate them!   We recommend the longest time between washes for your sheets is a fortnight, ideally weekly. It sounds like a big effort, but really, these washes can be quick rinses and won’t require bleaching, soaking or stain removing chemicals.

If sleeping naked PLEASE wash your sheets more often!  We have body oils and hair and skin flakes that come off us (naturally) throughout the night.

PS. Our sheets are colour fastened at 60 degrees, however, these are extremely high temperatures and really only required for commercial washing.

Tip 2.  Don’t overcrowd the washing machine.  (GUILTY!) Sheets need space to circulate, to get clean.  To give you an idea, we have a 7kg washing machine and I would only put 2 pillow cases and a fitted sheet in there at once. If this is a weekly wash a 20 minute rinse/spin cycle is enough to remove body odour and any skin flakes and body oils. However, if it been longer than 2 weeks, I’d suggest a prewash/soak setting for 1 hour before the main wash cycle.

Tip 3.  Try not to dry for too long- Heat causes cotton to shrink.

Use the "air cycle", rather than high temperatures.  We let our sheets air dry, however if you really need your sheets straight away put them on a low heat for a longer period, then iron them when taken out. That way you don’t damage the cotton, and you have perfectly folded sheets!

PS. Our organic cotton sheets are NOT finished with formaldehyde, so this makes them a little more prone to wrinkles. This can be easily ironed out when taken straight from the dryer and folded.

Tip 4. Don’t dry sheets with towels. Towels produce a lot of lint, this can stick to your sheets in the dryer and be a pain to get off. Also, towels are designed to absorb water, so they’re going to stay wetter for longer in the dryer. Try doing towels on their own.  

Finally, there is no point having beautiful organic cotton sheets, if you’re going to destroy them using harsh chemicals. So, we have recently opted for an all-natural ingredient product, made right here in Australia!  We absolutely LOVE, ABODE.  Check them out at!  We also use their fabric softener, Comfort Fresh and they have a Lavender fragrance as well which is really lovely and fresh!

The other natural ingredient we stand by is eucalyptus oil. We often use Thursday Plantation or Bosistos, both 100% pure, and Australian.  We use it everywhere around the house, mopping floors, washing clothes and sheets, even a small drop in our oil diffuser and, we even use a couple of drops in the bath to wash the dogs. Spoilt!

That’s it from us! We’ll catch you soon!

Sweet dreams!


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  • Bruno Costa Ling

    Hello! We are the robotics team INSPirados from INSP (Instituto Nossa Senhora da Piedade), a school located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    This year we are going to participate in a robotics tournament called FLL. Not only we have to construct a robot but also to develop a research project.

    This year the theme is saving water and during our research and studies we realized that organic clothes save a lot of water.

    To keep developing our work we would really profit from more specific information about organic clothes. Could you send us more information about how much water you use to make your cotton?

    Best Regards,

    INSPirados team.

    Our Facebook: (It is in portuguese, sorry)

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