A Bedding Roadmap... Whether you like simple and crisp or fluffy and heavy, we’ve designed our bedding to give you the best quality sleep one could ask for. Here are some definitions:

Duvet/Doona cover: The doona is the first thing people think of when they think luxury. It is typically a cotton bag filled with materials such as feathers, down, wool or even cotton (for the warmer months).  Our duvet covers are designed to go over this and protect the duvet from the dirt and grime that eventually builds up.  Which by the way we’ve got some handy tips for washing --> Here.

Also of note, SIZE UP ON THE DOONA….if you have a QUEEN mattress, get a KING doona. This is a sneaky little tip that a lot of people aren't aware of ;) That’s how you get THE perfect look.  With an extra foot length, it lets the doona drape over the foot of the mattress, will give you extra folds of thick borders, and that extra cosy crumpled look with the doona sprawled everywhere … perfect!

Standard Pillowcases: The standard pillow, nothing new here, often filled with similar things as your doona, however, nowadays there are all sorts of fillings like bamboo, latex and foam etc. Each to their own! Our pillowcases have extra give, so when initially putting these beautiful pieces on your bed they will be a little loose and have extra fabric. There is method to our madness, we’ve done this as cotton shrinks over time.  Also, we’re talking luxury...so not only do we allow extra fabric for added comfort, it's easier to put on!  Our flange inserts are extra deep to ensure the pillow never comes out, no matter how rough of a sleeper you are!

European pillow: Now these beauties, are the big squishy square ones, normally 60cm x 60cm.  These really fill out your pillow layering!  They normally sit against the headboard or wall and poke out from the top of your standard pillows.  These European pillows offer the first layer of ultimate luxury, and…. Most often first to be thrown on the floor! Not in my room! 

Moving on to the mattress….

Fitted sheet:  My personal favourite! I am a sucker for fitted sheets. The best fitted sheets will have deep corners and fit snug over even the deepest of mattresses.  Ours have been specially designed and tailored to fit thick designer bed mattresses, with a depth of 50cm to ensure no slippage! It’s common to find elastic only in the corners, however, Jonquil fitted sheets have elastic all the way around to prevent slipping off.  We recommend putting a mattress protector before putting on a fitted sheet for extra protection and comfort. The last thing you want is a fitted sheet that's too small, you want it to have some “give” so it can be stretched and pulled and tucked under the mattress, and all 4 sides are completely covered.

Flat sheet: Often a questionable piece for many.  Some use it.. some don’t. However, in our opinion, it’s pretty handy to have.  It goes on top of the fitted sheet and under the doona. It’s there to separate you from the quilt cover. Flat sheets are great to keep your doona cleaner for longer.  You won’t have to wash your quilt cover as often (Here are some great washing tips from our past blog) and on summer nights the flat sheets can be used by itself to cover you, instead of a heavy doona.  Often the size of the flat sheet doesn’t matter, as these can be tucked in under your mattress if too big, and not seen if slightly smaller.

So to dress your bed, we need to start with what size mattress you have, from there we can help you decide what size covers to buy, to get that perfect luxury look and feel!

You’ll notice we don’t have double size sets. At Jonquil, we aim to be as sustainable as possible. So, making extra sets for double beds when queen sets will suffice seems to be such a waste, don’t you think? So if you have a double mattress- don't fret, we recommend queen size covers anyway!

We really hope you’re as excited as us about our organic, fairtrade cotton bedding range!  And remember, our sheets will last a lifetime if treated right, so enjoy every second of deep, sound sleep with our organic cotton sets. We can’t wait for you to experience it!


  • Sasha

    Hi Carol and Shelley,

    Thanks so much for getting in touch. We will have Australian King and Queen sizing available, at this stage king single is not available. However, this is something we are considering- and will endeavour to keep you posted.

    Carol! :) We launch very soon. All products will be available in July.

    Thanks again everyone- we’re itching to get these ranges out to you!

    Take care!

  • Carol Moriceau

    How do I access the products to view and order pls

  • Shelley eddleston

    I would like king single sheets too.

  • Sasha

    Hi June, Thanks so much for getting in touch! Unfortunately for our first set of collections, we won’t be doing king single sizes. We will have Australian King and Queen sizing available. Please keep in touch as we may release extra sizing closer to launch.

    Take care June!


  • june

    Do you make king size dingle

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