We’re becoming a better a world. I can see it.  People are becoming more aware, more proactive and feel more empowered to make a change.  As a young woman growing up in one of the most privileged countries in the world, I often take for granted how lucky we truly are. We have clean water, fair pay, education, and most of all we’re all safe.  

Unfortunately however, this isn’t the case for many people in so many countries. It's concerning that as a society we indulge in finer things, that we forget how they were made, or where it came from or even what it's made of! Luckily though, with the help of social media and of course education, we're slowly changing. We’re becoming empowered and proactive to make that change. 

Quite often now a lot of us are well aware of the impact we have on our environment and make informed choices about which products appear to be most inline with our beliefs.  I for one can honestly say it can sometimes be quite difficult to try buy ethical, organic, fair-trade and eco friendly all the time!  It is getting easier however and with more awareness comes greater change.

Nevertheless with all this said, being a mindful and conscientious consumer doesn't mean we need to compromise on quality or luxury.  We can still indulge and not feel guilty for it and we can sleep better knowing all of our products were made fairly, ethically, with eco friendly materials, bringing no harm to people, animals or the environment. This is what Jonquil was created for; organic luxury, eco friendly quality and conscientious indulgence. 

“Cheap things are proof that people weren’t paid fairly”- Jane Goodall

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