At Jonquil, purity and transparency are our basic accessories. These are are values we uphold day in day out.  We will share with you our passions, our obsessions, triumphs and battles so we can fight for what’s right, fair and of course what’s special.

What’s special to us, is sleep. I think we can all agree that sleep has always been a special time we all like to indulge in. Snuggling, burying, cuddling, are all words that first come to mind when I think of sleep. Words that bring warmth to my heart.  

My bed, the sheets the doona, the pillows are all my luxury comfort items that keep me sane. I just LOVE jumping into bed. I love the smell of the sheets. I love the smell of clean PJ's and the candle burning. That's home.

At Jonquil we’re here to try something different, build something with meaning and share something special with you. We want to share the true feeling of home with our special collection of bed sheets to bring you deep sleep, good dreams and cosy nights.  Our collections are a treasure trove of soft, plush and crisp cotton goodness with a touch of royal luxury.  

“Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it is not luxury” Coco Chanel

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